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We could not accomplish our mission without the help of dedicated attorneys who offer their service pro bono. One size does not fit all when it comes to volunteering. Therefore we offer diverse opportunities designed to fit the interests and availability of our volunteers. 

Full Representation Programs allow volunteers to use their professional expertise to meet a variety of legal needs. The length and scope of commitment varies per case situation.  Limited Service Programs allow our volunteers to make a big impact with a short time commitment. Attorneys who prefer a limited commitment often serve at workshops, clinics, and on our helpline.

Stabilize Families in Transition

Legal support is a valuable resource when a family goes through life transitions. VLSP offers programs to assist when a marriage needs to end, a child needs a stable home, or an individual wants to be prepared for medical emergencies and/or end of life.

Full Representation family focused programs offered by the VLSP include:

Limited Service family focused programs include:

Promote Economic Security

Economic hardship can have a devastating impact on family relationships and personal health. VLSP can help when there is a legal solution to a financial crisis. 

Full Representation consumer focused programs offered by the VLSP include:

Limited Service consumer focused programs include:

Secure Safe Housing

It is not uncommon for low to moderate income earners to spend as much as half of their pay on housing expenses, leaving little room for other necessities and unexpected emergencies. Evictions, foreclosure, and sub-standard housing can threaten stability and health.

Full Representation housing focused programs offered by the VLSP include:

Limited Service housing focused programs include: 

Ensure Access to Justice

Research indicates that 40% of low-income families will face at least one legal issue per year. Families in crisis will find it difficult to navigate a complex court system. Access to the specialized help of an attorney can make a profound difference in outcomes.

Full Representation access to justice programs offered by the VLSP include:

Limited Service access to justice focused programs include:

Non-Traditional Programs


Support the pro bono efforts of less experienced attorneys or those expanding their practice area.

Community Education: 

Share your legal knowledge with others by leading a CLE class or participating in a public awareness campaign.

You Can Make a Difference

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